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  • 06.25.2015

    Meet Me in San Francisco, Sally

    Meet me in San Francisco, Sally. Meet me at the Fair. Oh, wait. Wrong city. Wrong name. But do meet me in San Francisco at ALA Annual. I'm leaving on Friday morning, so pop by the JLG booth 3417 and say hello. Some of your favorite JLG folks will be there: Leslie Bermel, Lisa Terry, and Kelly Snook. It's a great time to cash in on conference specials and find out what's new in our world.

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  • 06.24.2015

    And They All Lived Happily Ever After. Or Not.

    In traditional fairy tales, villains get what they deserve, while royal families live happily ever after. However, the following novels selected by the editors at Junior Library Guild don't follow the traditional formula. Sovereign rulers endure tragedy. Princesses don't wear pink. Princes make bad decisions. Kings and queens have evil agendas. Full of action and adventure, pain and sorrow, these novels will give teens plenty of incentive to read the next of these series installments.

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  • 06.22.2015

    Ok. Fine. I Have a Great Job

    After getting in last night in the wee hours of the morning from a road trip to my dad's, spending the day in bed was terribly tempting, but I dragged myself into the office. After all, I was out on Friday, so there was sure to be plenty to catch up on. To my delight, one of my emails said "there are two boxes of ARCs for you and Leslie in my office." How fast can a girl get up and cross the room?

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  • 06.09.2015

    Friendship: Real, Imagined, and Spare

    If keeping friends is difficult, making them must seem insurmountable for some kids. The truth is that friendship is a work in progress. Best friends move away. Sometimes friends are busy with weekend activities. From time to time, two pals may not see things eye to eye. An occasional child may have a companion you can't even see. The following intermediate chapter books selected by the editors at Junior Library Guild offer all kinds of situations that will make readers laugh, cry, and feel as if they've found new friends.

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