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  • 09.29.2014

    Save the Date: JLG's Fall Warehouse Sale

    All books just $5 each; Hundreds of titles available, including award-winners; Most books are hardcover with either library or reinforced trade binding; All are JLG selections

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  • 09.19.2014

    Ahoy ye Mateys!

    Ahoy Mateys! It's the 12th annual Talk Like a Pirate Day! which was founded on a whim by two guys, John Baur and Mark Summers. As the story goes, they were playing a game of racquetball and as the game digressed, they began to encourage each other in pirate slang. Why not have a day where we do that every year?

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  • 09.18.2014

    Throwback Thursday: Junior Literary Guild Service 1959

    My how times have changed. What started as a book club for boys and girls 85 years ago is now serving schools, public libraries, colleges, and universities. Let's take a look at the company 55 years ago.

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  • 09.17.2014

    Wednesday Wonder: Wonder how I can save time with circulation?

    This month in the JLG Monthly Newsletter I wrote about being flexible on your path to becoming super librarian. I advised you to evaluate, revise, and revamp your circulation process. Last week I had the opportunity to work with a local elementary school librarian, assisting her with cataloging and collection development. While I was there, we talked about her circulation process.

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    A High School in East Hartford, CT renewed 1 level.

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    An Elementary School in Glasgow, KY purchased 12 levels.

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    A High School in Anaheim, CA renewed 1 level.